Dr. Kam Habibi

Dr. Kam Habibi : A Lone rescuer of Hurricane Maria

Doctors are equivalent to gods; they can bring a dead man back, and this power resides only in them. Our society treats doctors very well, and they are the lifeline to every worse situation; treating people and giving them hope to live is the biggest thing they do for their patients.

Dr. Kam Habibi is a doctor, who lives in Puerto Rico, which has been left shaken after hurricane Maria. The disaster has left the city in a critical need of assistance. Half of the population was left without electricity and the city was in the urgent need of basic essentials and rebuild job, which could take years. In this hour of need, Kam Habibi stepped up with his team and to help the victims of Hurricane Irma in numerous ways.

Dr. Habibi was an immediate responder to the situation and was there on the island with his team equipped with life-saving equipment. The death remained less because of his efforts as compared to other calamities. He and his response team rescued the people trapped in the due to the hurricanes and took them to the safe refuge.

This help by Kam Habibi was really quick and effective and it was necessary for the victims to get help as soon as possible. The rescue officers helping the victims were less in numbers, but with the help of Habibi, the impact of the short help was lessened.

Dr. Bahram Habibi, after providing the help to the people, was around the island, so that he could provide a long-term sustained relief to the victims. He remained an integral part of the situation and helped in the rebuilding process. This process will still take some years and he had helped in providing a temporary recommendation to those whose homes are completely destroyed.

Dr. Habibi and his team have set up special camps where evacuees could safely reside in. They were facilitated with essentials and food; this has greatly helped a number of helpless residents who had nowhere else to run.

Dr. Kam Habibi also helped in restoring a functional health system; the system was affected due to the power cut, and the patients were dying due to the shortage of oxygen supply. He helped in installing a power generator for the island’s main hospitals, which helped them become operational again and restored a significant amount of functionality. It was a relief for many patients whose health has deteriorated due to the hurricane. They are now treated at these hospitals and their conditions are much better now.

Dr. Kam Habibi’s efforts were welcomed in the long run to aid for this tragic natural disaster. His help has been recognized by the people of Puerto Rico.